Genetic Counseling- Benefits for Breast or Ovarian Cancer Treatment in Ghaziabad, Delhi NCR
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Genetic Counselling Program at Yashoda Hospital

Cancer occurs by chance, but in some cases, it is due to inherited genetic predisposition. The Cancer Genetic Counselling Program at Yashoda Cancer Institute works to help families understand their personal and/or family history of cancer. Our cancer center examines the probability of hereditary cancer susceptibility in your family and coordinates genetic testing for individuals who choose this option.

At Yashoda, the Cancer Genetic Counseling Program is staffed with expert genetic counselors and medical geneticists from reputed organizations.

What is Genetic Counselling?

Anyone can benefit from genetic counseling as they can ask questions about their potential risk of developing cancer. Genetic counseling aids individuals who have more than one family member with the same or related types of cancer (e.g. ovarian and breast cancer or colon and uterine cancer). Or they have a personal and family history of early-onset cancer, family history of rare cancers (e.g. male breast cancer or fallopian tube cancer), or family history of more than one cancer in the same individual and a close relative found to have a mutation in a cancer gene.

To get a better understanding of the genetic test results you have already received from a separate health organization, you are welcomed to receive genetic counseling at Yashoda Cancer Centre.

What Compromises in the genetic counseling process?

You should visit our Cancer Centre at Sanjay Nagar, Ghaziabad. The genetic counseling process consists of two office visits: the genetic counselors will give you an initial consultation and a follow-up visit will be required for those who undergo genetic testing.

Our genetic counselors will analyze your medical history, family history and draw a family tree. They will tell you if you have increased chances of getting cancer and who in your family may have an increased risk for cancer because of its hereditary properties.

The genetic counselor will also tell you the pros and cons of genetic testing and options for cancer screening and risk reduction and review information about the genetics of cancer predisposition.

You can also visit Yashoda’s Centre for Genetic Disease which is the premier integrated, patient-centered healthcare organization in our region. We offer excellent quality healthcare to our patients. Our diagnostic laboratory faculty at Yashoda’s Centre for Genetic Disease is constantly adding new technologies and improving testing methodologies.

Our Centre for Genetic Disease provides complete diagnostic services and clinical management for patients of all ages and families affected with a variety of genetic conditions. Geneticists, genetic counselors, advanced practice registered nurses, doctors, and registered nurses all support in providing clinical care.

Our genetic counselors will also give you options about various options that you could go for genetic testing. Also, Genetic testing is not a necessary part of the genetic counseling process and may not be appropriate for everyone.

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