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D-J Stenting Surgery


What is D-J stenting?

DJ stent or double J stent is a small, hollow tube which is temporarily placed in the ureter to allow the normal drainage of urine from the kidneys to the bladder. Stents are usually implanted after stone removal surgery. These allow your kidneys to heal and minimize the risks of swelling. 



  • Helps to break stones in the renal pelvis, and middle, or upper calyces
  • Helps to prevent stricture formation
  • Minimal complications, as compared to those who did not receive any stent

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Diagnosis & Treatment


The diagnostic modality used by the doctor depends upon the underlying condition or indication for which the surgery is being performed. These include urinary tract obstruction. Hydronephrosis infection, renal failure, etc.

The procedure is performed under the influence of general or local anaesthesia. It involves the use of a tiny, flexible tube with a camera fitted on it. This is introduced inside the patient’s body via the urethra and directed towards the bladder, which is then thoroughly inspected. The doctors may also use x-ray imaging guidance to assess the urinary tract and locate the area that has been obstructed. The stent is slowly positioned inside the ureter, using a guidewire. 

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