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Best ENT Hospital in Ghaziabad | Delhi NCR

At Yashoda Hospital Ghaziabad we have a ENT hospital wing where our ENT and Otolaryngology specialists address issues such as frequently deviated septum in the nostrils, persistent sinus infections or sinus pain, ear infections, tonsillitis, and swallowing disorders. Our specialists have advanced training and years of expertise to treat life-threatening diseases.

Our team consists of certified nose, ear, and throat physicians, surgeons, allergists, hearing specialists, and plastic surgeons. We are committed to delivering the best patient care and are proud to provide services in ENT, Facial Plastics, Allergy, Voice, and Hearing, advance otological & Minimally invasive skull base surgeries & cochlear inflammation.  Our ENT team is well trained to treat tumours of the head and neck and injuries to the face as well.

What is ENT?

Otolaryngology or ENT is a medical specialty that aims at treating ears, nose and throat. It is also referred to as otolaryngology-head and neck surgery because the specialists are also trained in surgery and medical. An otolaryngologist is commonly called a nose, ear, and throat doctor.

What are the Medical Services We offer at Yashoda Hospital?

At Yashoda hospital, we diagnose and surgically treat conditions in the following areas:

Ear Problems

Our surgeons examine and evaluate ear infections. When ear infections keep reappearing, there may be a structural issue that demands to be altered surgically.

Nose Problems

Recurrent sinus infections that induce pain can be successfully cured with surgery. In addition to sinus infections, we evaluate patients whose deviated septums results in one of their nostrils to be larger than the other.

Throat Problems

Tonsillitis is another common problem for many of our patients. In addition to performing tonsillectomies for this disorder, our surgical specialists treat people with vocal cord disorders and eating disorders.


Otology is the branch of medicine that is directed at our ears. From the most prevalent complications like wax impaction to rare ear conditions like Meniere’s disease, our ENT team can treat a full host of ear conditions.

Sinus/Skull Base

Sinus conditions can produce facial pain, headaches, breathing problems, a weakened sense of smell, and more. The discomfort generated by nasal and sinus issues can be very debilitating. Sometimes these symptoms can be tough to manage with medication alone. Our ENT specialists and sinus surgeons are proficient in accurately analyzing and treating the complete range of disorders that can affect the sinuses.

Other Head/Neck Problems

This umbrella category relates to tumors in the neck or head that cannot be taken out without special surgical care. It also attributes to the reconstruction of the face when severe injuries have occurred.


Sleep is crucial to our overall health and behavior. And many of us have conditions that affect the character of our sleep. Although snoring is a principal cause for many people, there are a number of problems that may be inhibiting you from getting a good night’s sleep. As ENT specialists, we are perfectly qualified to examine and assess the entire upper airway and to provide a broad array of nor-surgical and surgical treatment choices.


Allergies are the most prevalent health issues involving children. The seasonal “cold” is usually allergic rhinitis. This condition will not react to ordinary cold remedies or antibiotics. Allergic rhinitis or “hay fever” is generally more frequent in the spring when pollen counts are highest. Symptoms differ from a moderate irritation of the ears, nose, and throat to serious congestion, cough, and fatigue.

Although rarely life-threatening, allergies can be severely disabling. Our ENT specialists conduct a thorough examination of your sinuses to ascertain if infection or other anomalies are contributing to your condition and identify the appropriate course of action. Our team provides an array of minimally invasive treatments to treat allergy sufferers, including home doses and immunotherapy injections, and more.

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