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Anal Fissures - Treatment & Surgery


A fissure is a crack or tear that appears in the anal area and causes severe pain and bleeding during bowel movements. It occurs when there’s a trauma inside the inner lining of the anus mostly caused by hard stool and chronic diarrhoea. 

An untreated fissure may become chronic, making it harder to treat. A longer delay in diagnosis also allows other conditions to fester, such as infections or even cancer. Therefore, timely diagnosis is crucial.



  • Recurrence
  • Chronic anal fissure
  • Anal stenosis
  • Colon cancer

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Diagnosis & Treatment


Our doctor will ask the patient about their medical history and symptoms. For a complete diagnosis, a rectal examination is performed to identify the fissure. Here, the doctor will use an anoscope to look for tears inside the anus. 

When nonsurgical methods fail to provide any relief, doctors prefer surgery to treat anal fissures. It’s a minimally invasive procedure and is less painful than the fissure itself. The doctor will cut the sphincter muscles to release the tension for letting the fissure heal. It causes no side-effects or pain and has a fast recovery time.

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