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Yashoda Centre for Bone Marrow Transplant - Best BMT Hospital in Ghaziabad | Delhi NCR

Yashoda Centre for Bone Marrow Transplant constitutes a part of Yashoda Hospital- one of India’s largest, private sector tertiary care hospitals. The Centre aims are to provide patients with incurable blood disorders the option of transplant as a possible cure.

Yashoda hospital intends to improve the healthcare scenario in our region. Our Mission is to create a trustworthy ecosystem where everyone comes together to create an enhanced coordinated care with integrity and honesty. We have ushered in new reforms in our hospital which ranges from our core principles to infrastructure and technological reforms. Patient satisfaction is at the centre of our core values, where we intend to provide you the best medical services through transparency and honesty. We want you to reap all the benefits of medical advancements with our affordable health care services and technological advancements to improve the overall health scenario of the region.

The Centre is committed to offering both Allogeneic and Autologous transplant using bone marrow, peripheral blood stem cells and cord blood stem cells for various benign and malignant disorders with exceptional clinical outcomes and patient experience.

The Centre is equipped with ultra-modern infrastructure and internationally trained, widely experienced faculty. Yashoda centre is supported by state-of-the-art laboratory & transfusion services, besides with a completely equipped Radiation Oncology unit and facility for total body irradiation.

Key Highlights of the Department:

  • The Centre for Bone Marrow Transplant at Yashoda Centre is one of the largest centres of its kind in India.
  • The Centre has an enviable record of performing more than 1000 transplants in North India.
  • Each room in the Centre has its triple-level air filter - HEPA filter.
  • Transplants performed at the Centre on a routine basis both for children and adults.
  • Associated with DATRI Blood Stem Cell Donor’s Registry
  • In house TBI/ HLA/ Blood Bank/ DSA
  • 24X7 ICU Back-up
  • Emergency Transplant services
  • Internationally recognised team of Paediatric and Adult Haematologists

Why Choose BMT Care at Yashoda Centre Hospital?

Bone Marrow Transplant centre at Yashoda super speciality hospital offers complete care to every patient using integrated clinical practices, technological advancements and innovations. The Centre offer:

  • State-Of-The-Art Facilities:

To accommodate the ever-changing needs of our patients, Bone Marrow Transplant centre at Yashoda continuously provides the latest and most innovative technologies to complement the know-how and skills of its team of experts. For the best and shortest road to recovery, technology facilitates the correct diagnosis of various ailments and helps our team focuses on every aspect of bone marrow transplant right from start to completion of the treatment. The Centre is reckoned amongst the most prominent centres across India with 24 bedded state-of-the-art units.

  • World-Class Care:

At the Centre, a patient can leverage the benefit of a team-based approach that places each patient at the Centre of treatment. Experts from diverse fields of medicine to work together as a team to design the best-personalised plan for every patient. The Centre moreover has Separate medical and a paediatric intensive-care unit with isolation beds.

  • Quality Of Life Expertise:

To provide each patient with a highly specialised approach and treatment plan for improved quality of  life, our experts work at the Centre cohesively.

  • Advanced Technology:

A bone marrow transplant is a procedure for replacing the diseased bone marrow with healthy bone marrow cells. Before the treatment for bone marrow transplant starts, a patient has to undergo chemotherapy, radiation or both may be given both according to a medical condition. There are five different types of bone marrow transplants:

  • Autologous Transplantation
  • Allogeneic Transplantation
  • Umbilical Cord Blood Transplantation
  • Haploidentical Donor Transplantation
  • Reduced Intensity Conditioning Transplantation

The type of operation recommended depends on the unique needs of the patient. Your bone marrow transplant team at Yashoda Centre will include clinical haematologists, haemato-pathologists, transfusion medicine, and a bone marrow transplant scheduling coordinator.

We in addition offer trained and specialised nurses, physician assistants, and for children undergoing bone marrow transplant, we also have experienced child specialist.

Support Services

The Centre offers the high end emotional and practical support services to support the patient and his/her family during every step of the bone marrow transplant journey. The trained counsellors at the Centre will help in managing stress, set personal goals and develop ways to achieve them.

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