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Vaginal Tightening Surgery


Many women suffers from vaginal atrophy in which the vaginal wall gets enlarged and dry. While there are various conditions that leads to less elasticity in vagina, the common causes are menopause and lower oestrogen levels. It can also cause sexual incompetence and distress in urinary tracts. 
Vaginal tightening is minimally-invasive procedure that brings back the natural elasticity of the vagina. The complete treatment takes 4 to 5 sessions that are 20 minutes long and can be carried out at the gap of 25 days. It involves no cuts, stiches and causes no pain and blood loss. In just few days, the patient will be free from urinary problems, vaginal looseness and several other problems. It also make the vagina more youthful and improve sexual pleasure.

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Diagnosis & Treatment


For the diagnosis, the gynaecologist perform a physical examination to check for looseness in vagina. It will help determine the number of sessions needed to regain vaginal laxity.

It’s a painless treatment that uses an energy laser to tighten the vaginal walls. It also prevent and control various disorders that are stemming from decreased laxity of vaginal walls such as urinary incontinence. During the procedure, the surgeon will insert the laser probe into the vagina that leaves laser patches in the vaginal walls. 
The laser beam triggers a stimulation of protein in the walls which restore its natural tightness. It’s a painless procedure, requires no anaesthesia and provides results from the first session.

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