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Plastic, Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgery at Yashoda Hospital

The Centre for Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology at Yashoda Hospital offers a vast range of treatments in all disciplines of Plastic Surgery. Our teams of plastic surgeons have internationally recognized for their pioneering work in Plastic & Aesthetic (Cosmetic) Surgery and have the depth of experience to create beautiful results.

Yashoda hospital is the number one choice for all as we provide modern and advanced healthcare services in the region. We have fostered an environment of honesty and trustworthiness that truly sets us apart from the rest of the hospitals in the region. Integrity, Transparency, and quality are the three pillars on which have established our hospital.

Our hospital has ushered in new transformative changes by upgrading the healthcare infrastructure and latest technologies. However, the quality and the cost of the services do make it out of reach for anyone. In fact, our hospital strives to serve the community by bringing affordable healthcare services.

We offer a full spectrum of services in as many as six disciplines of Plastic Surgery including (Cosmetic) Surgery, Hair Restoration, Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, Hand and Microvascular Surgery, Cleft and Craniofacial Surgery as well as Post Burn Anomalies.

The Centre is led by the team of internationally trained and reputed surgeons that aims at providing comprehensive care to its patient right from the first consultation to the entire course of treatment. We understand the patient’s desire to improve an aspect of his/her body for cosmetic or medical reasons and strives to meet the personal goals of patients to make them feel and look their best, inside and out.

Why Choose Yashoda Hospital For Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology?

The mission of the Centre for Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology is to provide advanced quality care to plastic surgery patients by encouraging high standards of training, ethics, physician practice, and research in the field of plastic surgery. We welcome thousands of visitors every year who desire the restoration of function and correction of deformities resulting from congenital disabilities, trauma, cancer- surgical correction of disproportion, and rejuvenation of the effect of ageing. We are known for offering

  • Multidisciplinary Team

The Centre is staffed by physicians, nurses, physiotherapists, critical care specialists and support personnel. Our team of experts is well-trained in assisting patients, right from the start of the treatment to enable them to lead a normal life post-surgery. We use the most advanced technology and treatment methods that work in synergy to meet the common goals of delivering the best.

  • Patient-Centric Medical Care

Yashoda Hospital has a long tradition of providing ground-breaking plastic surgical patient-centric care. We know how important it is for a patient to decide between undergoing cosmetic and aesthetic surgery. It takes a whole lot of research and understanding to meet the desired goals, and we’re committed to providing our patients with the necessary information, comprehensive care, and treatment plan to assist with their decision.

  • State-of-the-art Technology

The Centre for Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology has the fine distinction of being the first in the country with specialisation in offering advanced technology services available in all sub-disciplines of Plastic Surgery, along with specialist teams and dedicated infrastructure. We have the best of cosmetic, lasers and state-of-the-art hair Transplant centre.

  • Help You Look Your Best

We help you achieve the best possible results by focusing on delivering you the best to meet your goals and expectations. Our plastic surgeons listen to your expectations and discuss with you the treatment plan to achieve the same vision of your outcome. You are the Centre of everything we do at our clinic, and we strive to make this a personal, caring, safe, and positive experience.

Treatment Programs

Cosmetic Surgeons at Centre for Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology perform all types of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery by leveraging the use of cutting edge medical technology and surgical techniques which follow stringent quality protocols.

With state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, Yashoda Hospital offers highly advanced treatment programs for various plastic surgery cases. The Centre has dedicated specialist units, which are further streamlined into various sub-disciplines of Plastic Surgery. These include:

  • Aesthetic (Cosmetic) Surgery
  • Hair Restoration Clinic
  • Reconstructive Plastic Surgery
  • Post Trauma Limb Salvage Surgery and Replantation
  • Hand and Microvascular Surgery
  • Cleft and Craniofacial Surgery
  • Post Burn Deformities

Support Services

You and we at Centre for Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology are in this together, and we work as a family to enhance your appearance through elective cosmetic surgery and yield desired outcome. Our specialised care and compassionate support do not end with the completion of surgical treatment; we offer our patients access to all of the world-class post-operative services.

The cutting-edge treatments and services offered by us start from the time of diagnosis and continue well after the procedure is over. In addition to managing and promoting health care during the transition from Plastic surgery treatment to wellness, we also offer the best possible care after the treatment is over.

Some of the programs and services available for our patients:

  • Post Surgery Assistance & Monitoring
  • Patient and Family Counselling
  • Tips and Training for Total Care after Surgery

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