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Department of Internal Medicine at Yashoda Hospital

The Department of Internal Medicine at Yashoda Hospital is a hub of excellence committed to offering up to the minute, cutting edge health care facilities to critically ill patients. All our procedures and techniques are backed by the [perfect amalgamation of science and technology thereby ensuring high-quality care and treatments that exemplary in every sense. We offer therapeutic, medical as well as surgical solutions for the treatment, management and improving the quality of life of patients suffering from various life-threatening ailments and malignancies. 

We resort to the use of a multidisciplinary approach to ensure the holistic well being of each and every patient. The department is managed by a team of immensely dedicated doctors and specialised nurses who have years of expertise in the field. The team works in close collaboration with experts from other specialities to curate personalised treatments for the patients.

We thrive seamlessly to ensure round the clock robust care and cost-effectiveness to ease your medical journey and give you a world-class experience. We are at the forefront when it comes to offering emergency access to in-house facilities and technologies that include intensive care facilities, ambulance service, readily available medical team and seamless care and guidance. We even have special care sections for paediatric emergencies as well.

Our state-of-the-art medical services include:

  • Spontaneous Abortion or miscarriage – It refers to the non-induced fetal failure or death which occurs due to an underlying medical condition or severe trauma and is marked by severe vaginal bleeding. In such a situation, the woman requires immediate medical supervision so as to stop the bleeding and control the pain.
  • Severe neurological injuries – Severe injuries to the brain and spinal cord can be a result of an accident that impacts a huge portion of the head. These usually result in internal bleeding which can lead to clot formation and inflammation. The patient requires immediate care to halt bleeding and remove clots to prevent haemorrhage.
  • Cardiac arrest – Cardiac arrest is commonly referred to as heart attack. It is usually the result of a severe blockage in the heart and blood vessels, that prevents the oxygen-rich blood from entering the heart. The person is likely to feel a sudden pain in the chest and may even become unconscious. Emergency medical care is important to remove the blockage and restore the normal flow of blood.
  • Trauma – Traumas refer to the injuries that happen unexpectedly. These include:
  • Injuries suffered in a road traffic accident
  • Injuries suffered by falling from a building or cliff
  • Injuries suffered due to community violence like gunshot wounds
  • Injuries suffered during a natural disaster
  • Severe blow to any part of the body
  • Sports injuries
  • Chronic burns – These include first, second- and third-degree burns. Emergency care is important to help with the pain and discomfort as well as to avoid wound infection.
  • Respiratory failure – Respiratory failure is a condition marked by the incapability of the lungs to carry out their basic functions of inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide properly. As a result, there is a deficiency of oxygen in the body which if not resolved immediately can be life-threatening.


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