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Cryopreservation Prior To Cancer Treatment

Sometimes, an individual has to go through difficult conditions such as experiencing cancer, where it becomes essential that they preserve their fertility. In such conditions, the couple can have their biological child whenever their health permits. At Yashoda hospital, we have advanced technology where use various methods to preserve fertility.

We are proud to offer the highest successful outcomes of making couple beam with joy due to their impending parenthood. This makes us the first choice for most couples. We understand your concern and our doctors are here with you to help you in counselling and provide necessary support system. We deliver comprehensive medical care to every individual.

What is cryopreservation?

Cryopreservation is the process where the eggs, sperms or embryos are frozen to sub-zero temperature and stored for later usage. Whenever, the eggs, sperms or embryos are needed, they are thawed and fertilised in our advanced labs for the fertility treatment cycle. Sperm are also utilized for intrauterine insemination (IUI) or for the process of in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures. For the procedures associated with IVF, eggs and embryos are also used.

Cryopreservation helps the individual to preserve their eggs, sperms or embryos for a long-time. The eggs, sperm or embryos are frozen using liquid nitrogen in -320 degrees Fahrenheit. Special cryoprotective agents are used to prevent the damage to the cells during the process.

What are the Cryopreservation Procedures We Provide At Yashoda Hospital?

  • Egg freezing: If a woman decides to freeze her eggs, egg freezing or oocyte freezing is a mature oocyte cryopreservation, where women can save their ability to get pregnant in the future. The eggs are harvested and are unfertilized, which are frozen to be used later on. The oocytes are stored at our fertility lab in liquid nitrogen. The frozen egg can be thawed and mixed with a sperm in a lab and later on implanted in your uterus.
  • Sperm freezing: A male can preserve his sperm by providing a sample for cryopreservation. However, if no sperms are present the man can even ejaculate or our doctors using a sperm extraction method can remove sperm directly from the testicle. The sample is cryopreserved and stored for later use.
  • Embryo freezing: Embryo freezing is a procedure where the embryos are frozen for later use. You can also freeze unfertilized eggs. An embryo is developed when the cells start to divide after fertilization. A person may then decide to freeze and store the embryos if they want to get pregnant in the future.

Who are a Candidate for Cryopreservation?

Many people have different reasons for cryopreservation. However, the pressing reason for cryopreservation is the impending cancer treatments. During cancer treatment, chemotherapy and radiation can damage the person’s fertility or can cause infertility when cancer cells are killed.

Also, some other reasons are lifestyle, social or career choices, which lead to make people some important decisions as to how they want to navigate their life in future. When they are sure that it’s the right time to have a baby, they can use eggs, sperms or embryos later in life through IVF.

Are there any risks of cryopreservation?

Usually, freezing eggs, sperm and embryos is safe and secure process. There are risks such as that there are possibilities where not all of the cells survive the freeze-thaw process. Sometimes, during freezing, water enters into the cells, thereby damaging them. The survival rate is generally high, but you may need multiple cycles to ensure a pregnancy in the future.

Yashoda Hospital ensures that we maintain utter strict standards to store the eggs, sperms and embryos. Our staffs have been expertly trained for this procedure.

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