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Cancer Survivorship Program in Ghaziabad | Delhi NCR

Being diagnosed with cancer can be a devastating part for anyone, whether it's a person himself diagnosed with cancer or someone he/she loves. Dealing with emotions like shock, grief, and fear is not easy for cancer patients or their family members.

Yashoda Cancer Institute is one of the renowned cancer centers in sanjay Nagar, Ghaziabad that provides cancer counseling and support services for you and your family to develop coping skills, which will make your cancer treatment journey go more smoothly. Our professionals are proficient and have extensive experience in helping people manage and respond to their mixed emotions about life's challenges.

For our team, providing total care is more than just a treatment. At Yashoda Cancer Institute, we are determined to provide care and support at every stage of cancer treatment, from diagnosis to your return to a healthier tomorrow. We are dedicated to improving the quality of life of every cancer patient and strive to provide them with the best after-treatment support services.

Tumour Board at Yashoda Cancer Institute

The tumour board at Yashoda Cancer Institute plays a critical role in multidisciplinary cancer care. Our team of physicians and other health professionals from different specialties thoroughly review each cancer patient's case with unique perspectives.

We have a team of specialists from surgical oncology, medical oncology, radiation oncology, radiology, genetics, and pathology. We collaboratively offer most advanced patient care by reviewing each patient's condition and determining the best treatment plan.

The tumour board focuses on every minute detail of patient care by holding a face to face discussion with everyone in the patient's cancer care team and work on evaluating all of the options that may improve the patient's treatment's effectiveness.

Yashoda always honors the privacy of its patients.

Genetic Counselling Program

Intending to provide a multidisciplinary, comprehensive approach to the care of patients at increased risks of cancer, Yashoda Cancer Institute offers a team of health professionals who help you understand the risk associated with developing specific types of cancer, which passes from one generation to another and develops from specific genetic changes, or mutations.

Our Genetic Oncology Specialists hold specialized training in medical genetics and counselling, to provide assistance and information on all Familial Cancers and educate people about the various types of hereditary cancers within their lifetime and at an earlier age.

The Cancer Genetic Counselling Program at Yashoda Cancer Institute provides everyone with an opportunity to enhance their quality of life by undergoing genetic testing. It helps them determine whether their family has a hereditary cancer predisposition syndrome and recommend them to follow high-risk cancer surveillance and management.

The Voice Clinic

Surviving cancer is not always easy as its treatment can lead to debilitating side effects that affect a person's quality of life.

That's why doctors and staff in Yashoda Cancer Institute's Voice Clinic are working to restore the voice of patients who have lost the ability to produce sound because of various types of cancer or their harsh treatments. There are many types of cancer treatments, such as treatment of thyroid, lung, oesophagus, head, and neck, laryngeal, or hypopharyngeal cancer that often cause a side effect and left the patient with a weak voice or severe hoarseness.

Speech therapists at Yashoda Cancer Institute's Voice clinic offer effective treatment solutions to cure the damage caused to the larynx (voice box). They offer the most basic form of speech rehabilitation and training to patients and help them retain or regain their essential function.

Psycho-Oncology Counselling Program

At Yashoda Cancer Institute, you are never alone on your journey towards cancer. We aim at improving the quality of life of cancer survivors and maintain a lifelong connection with all of our cancer patients so that you can embrace life to the fullest.

From their journey from treatment to recovery, we offer services that meet the physical, psychological, social, and spiritual needs of you as our patient and your family, friends, or caregivers.

It enables patients to focus on recovery by providing long-term follow-up care, guidelines, and resources for improving general health and well-being.

To help cancer survivors live healthy and cancer-free life long after their cancer treatment, we offer innovative methods to maintain and promote health during the transition from cancer treatment to wellness. Our oncologists work in conjugation with other experts to provide the best possible care after the treatment is over.

Some of the programs and services available to our patients:

  • Personalized Wellness education tailored to cancer type and treatment history
  • Psychosocial support for survivors and their families
  • Nutritional counselling
  • Exercise and fitness recommendations

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