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Medical Thoracoscopy at Yashoda Hospital

At Yashoda Hospital, in a very short span of time, our Centre for Lungs and Sleep Medicine has successfully treated critically ill patients with severe, severe Asthma, COPD, extreme Pneumonia, and ARDS with Type 1 & 2 respiratory failure with NIV and Mechanical Ventilation.

Treating so many complicated and challenging cases and patients; it has helped our doctors develop a specialized knowledge built on experience that gives our patients excellent options for treatment and care. It is no wonder that Yashoda Hospital has become the destination of choice for patients with serious lung problems.

Ensuring round the clock availability of the facilities along with competent consultant doctors and trained staff, the Centre for Lungs and Sleep Medicine at Yashoda Hospital is the answer for any respiratory problem.

What is Medical Thoracoscopy / Pleuroscopy?

Medical Thoracoscopy is a minimally invasive technique generally performed to diagnose and/or treat pleural lung disease. The pleura is a massive, thin sheet of tissue that covers the outer surface of your lungs and lines the interior of your chest cavity.

Patients with pleural thickening or pleural effusions (pleural fluid) who have lung cancer, chylothorax, metastatic cancers, mesothelioma, or benign conditions such as congestive heart failure, may be suitable for this procedure.

Most subjects have a reoccurring accumulation of pleural fluid in breathing issues, cough, chest pain, and the inability to lie horizontally.

Thoracoscopy lets the surgeon visualize the lung pleura and determine the pleural fluid's cause, which suggests the ability to handle medication to inhibit further fluid from returning.

Why is Medical Thoracoscopy / Pleuroscopy needed?

  • It can be utilized for the diagnosis of pleural effusion that is not effective to be diagnosed by thoracentesis (fluid sampling) alone.
  • Complete scrutiny of the lung and pleura can be performed, and biopsies of the pleura performed
  • In specific occasions, pleurodesis medications, such as talc, can be dusted onto the pleura, which inhibits pleural fluid from returning

What are the Benefits of Medical Thoracoscopy?

  • It can be achieved using general anesthesia with a breathing tube or with moderate sedation that does not call for a breathing tube
  • It allows methods based on the patient’s history, current medical conditions, or preference
  • Thoracoscopy enhances the ability to diagnose pleural disease and the origin of pleural fluid accumulation.

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