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Bronchoscopic Cryotherapy

At Yashoda Hospital, we make sure that your respiratory system is healthy. We understand that it's hard to function well during the day or get a restful sleep at night when you're not breathing normally. Our Centre for Lungs and Sleep Medicine provides patient-centered evaluation and treatment of pulmonary disorders and conditions in a compassionate setting, on both an inpatient and outpatient basis.

Whatever the nature of your pulmonary issues, we use advanced and latest technologies to ensure you and your family are well informed and fully educated on managing your care when leaving our facility.

What is Bronchoscopic cryotherapy?

Bronchoscopic Cryotherapy is an advanced and emerging therapeutic and diagnostic instrument used during bronchoscopy. Cryotherapy leads to cell death and tissue necrosis or tissue adherence through fast freeze-thaw cycles utilized via flexible or rigid bronchoscope.

A specialized cryoprobe or spray cryotherapy is used to build extreme cold through the bronchoscope's functioning channel. Multiple bronchoscopic approaches are approved for its own equipment and procedural, safety, and potency considerations.

Where do We use Bronchoscopic cryotherapy?

Bronchoscopic cryotherapy is used by surgeons for a variety of clinical scenarios. It is needed in the treatment of cancerous and benign central airway blockage and low-grade airway malignancy, foreign body removal or cryoextraction, endobronchial biopsy, and transbronchial biopsy.

Our hospital uses bronchoscopic cryotherapy for uncontrolled case series of malignant central airway blockage.

What is the Procedure for Bronchoscopic cryotherapy?

Step1: During Bronchoscopy, Cryotherapy, a rigid cryoprobe or a flexible cryoprobe, is used. The surgeon will apply local anaesthesia on the site, where the incision will be made. A bronchoscope-a small thin, narrowed tube with a camera is inserted from the incision.

Step2: The bronchoscope's tip is progressed 0.5–1.0 cm proximal to the lesion of interest. The cryoprobe is fixed in either direct perpendicular or tangential contact with the tumor via the functioning channel and is activated for 30 seconds using a foot pedal. Once the foot pedal is activated, the thawing cycle begins.

Step3: The thawing cycle is generally repeated two to three times per side before moving to an adjacent tumor area. The tissue injury is estimated using a bronchoscope, and the camera provides images as to the size of the ice formation within the tissue being treated. The initial cryotherapy application leaves devitalized tissue in the airway that will diffuse and shed off. This damaged tissue can be removed with serial bronchoscopy and tissue debridement.

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