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Ct Scan

The Yashoda Hospital has been a leader in Diagnostic industry through exceptional quality service, regular up gradation with advanced technology & new innovations. Our High tech Hospital offers top notch diagnostic services which are as per international standards. Yashoda hospital believes that accurate diagnosis is the key to unparalleled treatment and care. This is the reason we have up-to-date techniques, methods, and expert radiologists and technologists for ensuring the utmost levels of precision and accuracy.

What Is a CT Scan?

Computerized tomography scan (CT or CAT scan) utilises computers and rotating X-ray machines to generate cross-sectional images of the body. Compared to the normal X-ray images, CT scan provides more detailed information. These scan helps in providing the images of blood vessels, soft tissues, and bones in various parts of the body.

A CT scan is used to produce the image of the:

  • head
  • shoulders
  • spine
  • heart
  • abdomen
  • knee
  • chest

Why Is a CT Scan Performed?

The doctor may advise you to go for a CT scan for various reasons, but it is particularly, well-suited for analysing diseases and evaluating injuries. The imaging procedure can help your doctor with:

  • Pinpointing the exact location of tumors (including cancer) and masses.
  • Evaluating the blood vessels and various internal structures
  • Assessing the level of internal injuries and internal bleeding
  • Guiding and assisting in the procedures, such as surgeries and biopsies
  • Monitoring the treatments for medical conditions including cancer and evaluating whether the treatment is working or not.

This is a minimally invasive test that can be conducted quickly.

What To Expect in a CT Scan?

During a CT scan, you will have to lie on a tunnel-like machine which rotates and takes X-rays pictures from different angles. The pictures are sent to a computer where are combined and merged with other images to create cross-sections, of the body, or produce a 3-D image of a particular area of the body.

Before the Procedure

  • You will be asked to wear a hospital gown. If a woman is pregnant, then she should tell their doctor and technologist about it.
  • You must inform the doctors and the technologist performing your exam about any medications you are taking.
  • The doctors and technologists will give special instructions to prepare for this exam.
  • Generally, your doctor will ask you to come empty stomach before a whole-body CT scan.
  • Your doctor will also check you for any medical conditions you may have that could increase the risk of receiving intravenous contrast material.

During the Procedure

  • As CT scans uses special dye called a contrast material, you will be asked to rest quietly and to avoid movement and talking while the contrast material travels through your body and gets absorbed by the area under examination.
  • During the CT scan, you will have to lie still. The total scanning time is usually about 30 minutes.
  • Depending on the part of the body that is being inspected, you will have to drink a liquid containing the contrast, or the doctor may inject the contrast.
  • When the table slowly moves you into the scanner, the X-ray machine will rotate around your body to create numerous images of thin slices of your body.

After the Procedure

  • After the examination, you will be asked to wait until the technologists check the images for some more images.
  • The intravenous (IV) line inserted for the procedure will be removed after the procedure.
  • If there are any abnormalities detected during the CT scan, your doctor may ask you to go for further tests or treatments, depending on the type of abnormality found.

Are there any risks involved with it?

  • If you have any allergy to iodine, you should talk to your doctor beforehand. Your doctor may give some steroids or allergy medication to offset any potential side effects.
  •  If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, always tell your doctor and radiology technologist beforehand.

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