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Bronchoscopic Laser Ablation

Yashoda Hospital Centre for Lungs and Sleep Medicine is a unique, highly focused collaboration between physicians and surgeons specializing in lung and breathing conditions. Our Center provides comprehensive care and personalized attention to men and women with every type of lung condition—from asthma to cystic fibrosis to rare lung cancers such as mesothelioma.

Our pulmonary medicine and thoracic surgery expert’s work in partnership with sub-specialists at Yashoda Hospital as needed. Our renowned doctors also work with a different medical specialist from another department—a collaborative approach that ensures that every patient need is met as we diagnose and treat lung conditions.

Pinpointing areas of emphasis, we deliver accurate, personalized medicine focusing on each patient. We used advanced and progressive technologies to treat every lung problem and ensure that you breathe easily.

What is Bronchoscopic Laser ablation?

Bronchoscopic laser therapy is a thermally-ablative procedure with cutting and coagulant properties that make it a useful tool to treat airway disease symptoms. This therapy is an immediate-acting therapy used to relieve several malignant and benign pathologies of the tracheobronchial tree, esophageal carcinomas, such as central airway obstruction, trachea-bronchomalacia, stenosis, granuloma, and more.

How does this procedure work?

A trained operator carries the procedure through a flexible or a rigid bronchoscope. The surgeon inserts the rigid or flexible bronchoscope by making a small incision. The laser fiber is placed through the working channel of the flexible bronchoscope or the rigid bronchoscope until unless it protrudes at least 4 mm out of the working channel. Then the operator may set it on firing mode. The laser fiber tip is ensured that it is kept away at least 4 mm away from the lesion, and the energy is delivered at the target tissue.

What are the Various Risks of the Procedure?

Usually, laser therapy is a very safe technique. But some complications may arise from an improper assessment of anatomical boundaries, failure to control the airway, and inadequate visibility.

The patient may experience marked fluctuations in oxygen saturation (SpO2) and end-tidal carbon dioxide (ETCO2) is a relatively minimal amount of inspired oxygen (FiO2) environment, which is maintained to prevent ignition, along with the functionality to clear blood, secretions, and smoke.

Our doctors constantly monitor the patient for their safety and comfort.

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