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Gallstone Surgery


The gallbladder is a small organ below the liver that stores bile, a green-yellow liquid that aids in digestion. Gallstones are the solid build-ups of the same digestive fluid that forms in the gallbladder. 
It occurs when excess cholesterol in the bile crystallizes, preventing the gallbladder from emptying properly. 

They may develop in various sizes, such as a grain of sand to as large as a golf ball. In some cases, it can lead to inflammation and infection, which is known as cholecystitis. Therefore, patients must consult with the doctors immediately.


  • Severe pain in the abdomen
  • Jaundice
  • Appetite loss
  • High fever
  • Nausea & vomiting

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Diagnosis & Treatment


Our doctors will discuss the patient’s medical history and perform a physical examination to check for pain in the abdomen. They may also check the eyes and skin for a yellowish tint, which is a sign of excess bilirubin in the body. 

For a complete diagnosis, they may also recommend imaging tests to see inside the abdomen. These tests are:

Blood tests: To check liver functions and the amount of bilirubin in the body.
Ultrasound or CT scan: To check the position and size of gallstones.
ERCP: To look for gallstones stuck in your bile duct.

Based on the results of diagnostic testing, our doctor will determine the most-effective treatment for gallstones. If the patient is in extreme pain, the doctor will likely recommend surgery right away. They will make an incision on the lower abdomen and remove the complete gallbladder. 

Once it’s removed, the bile flows directly into the small intestine instead of being stored in the gallbladder. Its removal doesn’t affect the body in any way but prevents the recurrence of gallstones.

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