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Hepatitis B and C

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Posted By: Admin 11/24/2020 Hepatitis B and C

Hepatitis B and C

Hepatitis B and C are the types of a virus family that causes liver inflammation. Initially, either of the conditions do not showcase any symptoms, but both can lead to serious health disorders after a certain point of time.


  • Hepatitis B is highly contagious (i.e. highly infectious) and Hepatitis C often transforms into chronic diseases such as liver cancer, liver cirrhosis, etc.
  • While Hepatitis B is primarily caused due to contact with infected blood, contaminated needles and from mother to child at birth, Hepatitis C is acquired by contaminated needles or contaminated blood.
  • Most people with Hepatitis B & C do not Know about their condition for decades because these infections do not cause symptoms or display minimal symptoms, which are often confused with normal viral infections like flu, etc.

These are different from Hepatitis A & E, which spread due to contaminated food and water. However, the conditions are curable without long term complications in most of the cases.

Importance of vaccination

  • Vaccination for Hepatitis B is recommended for the people who have a lifestyle that makes them prone to get this infection, like someone with Hep B infection in the family, close contact with blood, healthcare workers, etc.
  • Hepatitis B Vaccination helps to avoid the infection. If hepatitis B infection is already present, then the vaccination might not have the desired impact. However, constant treatment over the years is required so as to control the infection as much as possible.
  • There is no vaccination for Hepatitis C. However, a combination of antiviral drugs is used to treat the infection. Hepatitis C is now curable.