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Fatty Liver

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Posted By: Admin 02/26/2021 Fatty Liver

Fatty Liver

If you are into binge drinking or love alcohol a little too much, you might endup with Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (FLD).

Heavy drinking can trigger a stream of health issues such as heart diseases, ulcers, alcoholic FLD and cirrhosis.

How is the liver affected?

Being the largest visceral organ of the body, the liver performs the most important functions such as

  • Digesting food
  • Storing energy
  • Filtering toxins from blood
  • Aiding body’s ability to fight infections & diseases

Each time the liver processes alcohol, some cells die. However, being a regenerative organ, it develops new cells.

But this may not always be the case as prolonged alcohol misuse can adversely affect its ability to regenerate. If the drinking is not controlled at the right time, this can result in fatty liver and a stream of other diseases thereby causing permanent damage to the liver.

Stages of fatty liver


Build-up of excess fat in liver

STAGE 2 - Steatohepatitis

Liver inflammation in addition to excess fat

STAGE 3 - Fibrosis

Scarring due to inflammation

STAGE 4 - Cirrhosis

Severe liver fibrosis

Cirrhosis is a potentially life-threatening condition that may cause liver failure, being irreversible. Hence, it is important to prevent it from developing in the first place. It consists of the following symptoms:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Weight loss
  • Weakness/fatigue
  • Nosebleeds
  • Itchy skin
  • Yellow skin & eyes
  • Web-like clusters of blood vessels under the skin
  • Abdominal pain/swelling
  • Swelling of legs
  • Breast enlargement in men