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Binge Drinking & Its Impacts on the Body

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Posted By: Admin 02/26/2021 Binge Drinking & Its Impacts on the Body

Binge Drinking & Its Impacts on the Body

What is binge drinking?

It is defined in terms of Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). Binge drinking is a pattern of drinking that raises your BAC to 0.08 or more.
Typically, consuming more than 5 or more drinks within a span of 2 hours by men and 4 or more drinks by women constitutes binge drinking.

How much alcohol does 1 drink include?

1 standard drink contains 14 gms of pure alcohol equivalent to
12 ounces of beer (355 ml)
5 ounces of wine (150 ml) 
1.5 fluid ounces of spirit (45 ml)

Binge drinking amounts to heavy drinking when exercised for 5 or more days in a month.

How is it bad for the body?

  • Alcohol consumption beyond moderation can adversely impact the central nervous system and result in memory deficit, triggering Alzheimer's disease and dementia in future.
  • Cause poor liver health due to fatty liver which may culminate into cirrhosis.
  • Increased chances of stroke and other heart diseases
  • Higher chances of breast, throat, esophagus or colon cancer
  • Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD)
  • Mental health issues including depression, anxiety and even suicide.
  • Obesity and weight gain.

How much alcohol is too much? You know NOW.