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Best Post-Natal Care Hospital in Ghaziabad | Delhi NCR

Our extensive range of women care services are designed to provide the best care from puberty through womanhood and old age. At Yashoda hospital, we focus on treatment and diagnosis of entire gynaecology and reproductive health conditions, all regular and advanced gynaecological surgeries, including laparoscopic surgery for women of all ages like ectopic pregnancy, ovarian cysts, hysterectomy, fibroids, etc.

Our expert team of Obstetrics has plenty of experience to care for pregnant women, unborn babies, labour pain, childbirth, and the immediate period following childbirth. Our team ensures that the mother and child get prenatal and postnatal care to ensure that the delivery is accomplished without any difficulty and complications. We have high-tech labour rooms and modular operation theatre to provide you with the best medical care.

Our maternity care are organized in such a manner that they provide you dignity and enable informed choice and continuous support during labour and childbirth.

We provide a safe environment approved by strict international standards and constant monitoring by the infection control office.

Our team provides 24/7 Neonatal care by specialized nurses. We provide breast-feeding and breast care services by international breast-feeding experts. We perform daily ultraviolet ray sterilization and cleaning of the newborn units. All nurses and healthcare staff are trained in obstetrics or paediatrics and offer systematic management and counseling sessions about breast-feeding and newborn care via one-to-one training.

What is Post-natal Care?

The postpartum period applies to the early six weeks beginning right after a mother gives birth to a baby, during which the mother recovers her strength. This period is considered as a vital time in which all the bodily changes that the mother has encountered during pregnancy and labor come back to her prenatal status, including the uterus. Therefore, it involves taking extra care for every facet of the mother’s regular life, including meals, physical exercise, and shower.

Recently, the interpretation of post-natal care has been enhanced to deal with helping the mother recover from bodily and emotional pains from childbirth and arrange for breast-feeding and diverse roles as a mother, not just regaining her physical conditions.

At Yashoda hospital, our post-natal department provides a pleasant and safe environment along with specialized postpartum care for mothers for the early one or two weeks after delivery. In the facilities established with environmentally-friendly materials, the medical team comprised of highly educated faculty in obstetrics and pediatrics, nurses and technicians provide great, warm care for mothers and babies around the clock.

Postpartum care is appreciated by many patients who have adopted our services for its excellence and professionalism.

What are the Post-natal Services we provide at Yashoda Hospital?

Post Delivery:

  • Post-natal physiotherapy
  • Stress management/ postpartum blues
  • Post-natal yoga
  • Mommy and me yoga/ fitness
  • Post-natal rehab for – diastasis recti, symphesis pubic dysfunction, pelvic floor, sacroiliitis, abdominal rehab
  • Lactation counselling
  • Handling a newborn, baby care techniques
  • Bonding and calming techniques
  • Baby bathing & baby massage techniques
  • The actual medical considerations are the primary clinical observations of blood pressure, pulse, and temperature and focusing on any abnormalities
  • Monitoring of the baby for any problems and infections.
  • Managing bleeding for the mother and addressing postpartum haemorrhage likely situation. (excessive bleeding)
  • Routine check-up on the condition of the mother’s birth canal and reproductive system to secure proper healing
  • Training mothers on Skin-to-skin contact between mother and baby.
  • Training mothers on baby best care practices
  • Ensuring a secure, healthy, and hygienic environment for mothers and babies.
  • Education of the new family, including Men, about post-natal care benefits and family planning.

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