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Developmental Paediatrics team at Yashoda Hospital

The Developmental Paediatrics team at Yashoda Hospital hold special expertise in providing comprehensive medical care to children and adolescents suffering from impairments of typical brain function that often affect their behaviour, memory, and ability to learn.

In today's times, children and families are facing behavioural, developmental, and parenting problems, which deeply impacts our day to day living, enhanced competitiveness, and the availability of broad technology in the form of gadgets and device etc.

At Yashoda hospital, our multidisciplinary team consists of a developmental paediatrician who collaborates with many other specialists like a developmental therapist, psychologist, neurologist, neonatologist, psychiatrist, paediatric social worker, physical therapist, occupational therapist, and speech therapists. Our team understand the child and evaluates child development and examines where the challenges lie. Our team then plan an individualized treatment option such as, if the need arises, we work with an occupational therapist who can help the child acquire skills which are necessary to perform activities or occupation of daily life.

At Yashoda hospital, we believe in coordinated care, where we closely with the child's primary care physician, the family, and, whenever appropriate, school and community health resources. We also provide support at the school level, where we interact with the child's teachers and staff for concessions and considerations.

In every case, our aim is to help the child in the process of mental, physical, and social development from infancy to young adulthood and attain his or her full potential.

What is Developmental Pediatrics?

Developmental Pediatrics is a medical speciality where your child is assessed for developmental, learning, or behavioural problem. Our professional developmental-behavioural paediatrician has the training and expertise to evaluate and care for your child.

The Developmental-behavioral paediatricians possess the basic education and background to deal with, in their assessments and treatments, for therapeutic management of the psychosocial conditions of children’s and adolescents’ developmental and behavioural issues.

Developmental-behavioural paediatricians comprehend that children’s outcome and behaviour develop early and foremost in the surroundings of the family. They examine and understand the family's view of the problem and the impact of the child's problem on the family.

Developmental-behavioural paediatricians counsel the child with developmental and behavioural problems by working closely with schools, preschools, teachers, family and other agencies involved with developmental care and education.

What Are The Medical Services Provided At Developmental Paediatrics Unit?

Some of the significant conditions we treat at our Developmental Paediatrics Unit include:

  • Developmental Assessment for normal children as
    • Routine screening
    • Children with developmental delays
    • Autism spectrum disorders
    • Cerebral palsy
    • High-risk newborn follow-ups
  • Behavioural Assessments and Counselling for children having behavioural problems –
    1. Attention deficit hyperactivity
    2. Oppositional defiant disorders
    3. Obsessive-compulsive disorders
  • Psycho-educational assessments and counselling for children with learning difficulties and disorders
  • Working closely with schools to formulate individualized educational plan for children.
  • Pharmacological interventions for anxiety disorder, depression, behaviour disorders, etc.
  • Intervention planning and services for –
    1. Occupational therapy
    2. Speech and language therapy
    3. Sessions for special education
  • Regular training and medical counselling’s sessions for parents and resource professionals.
  • Parental Guidance and Counselling

What Are The Medical Conditions We Treat Under Developmental Paediatrics Unit?

Our department of Developmental Paediatrics Unit provide assessments and intervention planning for the following issues:

  • Developmental Delays such as
    1. Language, Motor and cognitive Delays
  • Developmental Disabilities such as
    1. Autism spectrum disorder
    2. Intellectual disability
    3. Learning disabilities
  • Externalizing/Internalizing disorders
    1. Behavioural Problems such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
    2. Oppositional Defiant Disorder
    3. Anxiety Disorders in Children
  • Habit Disabilities such as
    1. Tics
    2. Tourette syndrome
  • Parenting Issues
  • Down syndrome
  • Foetal alcohol syndrome
  • Sleep difficulties

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