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Hernia - Treatment & Surgery


A hernia occurs when an internal tissue or organ pushes gets displaced due to the weak muscles in the abdomen. A hernia can also occur in the upper thigh area, near the belly button or the groins. It can be quite painful, especially during coughing, lifting or any activity that puts pressure on the stomach.

While hernias aren’t necessarily dangerous, it doesn’t get better without treatment. In some cases, it may even lead to other complications. Therefore, patients must seek immediate consultation with a doctor.


  • Restriction in bowel movement
  • Pressure on surrounding tissues
  • Strangulation
  • Infection

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Diagnosis & Treatment


For diagnosing a hernia, a physical examination is usually enough. During this examination, our doctor will check for a bulge in the affected area. They ask the patient to stand, strain or cough, which makes the hernia more prominent. They will also ask about the patient’s medical history and symptoms. If the doctor cannot locate the bulge, imaging tests such as MRI, CT scan or an ultrasound is needed for a more accurate diagnosis. 

The most effective way to treat hernia is surgery. Our surgeon will make several incisions in the abdomen to identify the sac containing the bulge. The surgeon then pushes the hernia back into the position and then strengthens the abdominal wall with stitches or a mesh.

Hernias have a high rate of recurrence, and a surgical mesh can prevent a recurrence more effectively. In most cases, the patient can go home in a few hours after the surgery, and full recovery may take up to six weeks. 

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