Rare Facts about Liver Cancer 

Rare Facts about Liver Cancer 
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The liver is a reddish-brown organ located in the right upper quadrant of the abdomen below the diaphragm. A normal adult liver weighs around 1.5 kg. It is the largest gland as well the heaviest internal organ of the human body. It is also an essential organ without which human beings cannot survive. The liver performs various functions in the human body such as detoxifying various metabolites, synthesizes proteins and produces biochemicals for growth and digestion. When the liver cells develop, changes due to mutations in their DNA causes liver cancer. According to a study of World Cancer Research Journal, there were around 8.5 million liver cancer cases in 2018 across the world.

A lot of information is available about other types of cancers such as lung cancer, blood cancer, breast cancer, etc. but many people are not aware about the rare facts related to liver cancer. In this blog, we will discuss the top 9 lesser-known facts related to liver cancer.

Nine lesser-known facts about liver cancer

1. You may not need a biopsy to diagnose liver cancer:

Hepatologists (doctors who treat liver disease) across the world do not perform liver biopsy to confirm liver cancer, imaging examination would suffice. A liver biopsy may stimulate the tumour to produce more cancer cells which may be risky for the patient. According to the data released by top cancer institutes, it is found that only 10% of the liver cancer patients needs a biopsy.

2. Liver cancer does not proliferate as swiftly as other types of cancers:

It is completely a myth among people that liver cancer spreads more quickly than any other type of cancer. The liver cancer is often diagnosed late which may be the reason behind this misconception. It is observed that it takes around 90 days for a tumour to double in size so after the diagnosis, it seems that the cancer is progressing very quickly.

3. Liver cancer can be primary or secondary (metastatic):

When the cancer originates in the liver itself, it is called as primary liver cancer and if it develops elsewhere in the body and spreads (or metastasize) to the liver, it is known as secondary liver cancer.

Cancers such as breast cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer and pancreatic cancer are some of the most common types of cancer which can spread to the liver in a metastatic manner.

4. Association between liver cancer and cirrhosis:

Cirrhosis is considered as one of the contributing factors in developing liver cancer. As per the research conducted by the American Cancer Society, most of the people who were diagnosed with liver cancer already have cirrhosis either in an active or dormant stage.

5. Liver cancer symptoms do not appear till the cancer has progressed:

Liver cancer becomes lethal as symptoms take time to emerge. It is diagnosed only when the symptoms have started to appear. Some of the major symptoms that one can experienced are weight loss, fatigue, feeling of fullness, stomach pain, swollen abdomen and jaundice.

6. Liver transplantation as an option to treat liver cancer:

Liver shows the property of regeneration. It makes transplantation easy and less complicated than transplanting any other organs. The early-stage cancer can only be treated by liver transplant. Even a healthy person can donate liver without any problem.

7. Palliative care as an option to treat liver cancer:

Palliative care is a treatment and therapy which focuses on controlling the symptoms and other problems caused by cancer. Patients can receive palliative care along with other treatments designed to cure cancer.

8. October is known as the liver cancer awareness month:

Various organizations and people interested in creating awareness about liver cancer participate in various activities throughout the month of October. Liver cancer is signified with emerald, green color ribbon just like other medical conditions.

9. Liver cancer is linked with family history:

If you have a close relative who is suffering from liver cancer, then there are greater possibilities that you may also get the disease compared to those who do not have close relatives with liver cancer.

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