Most Common Causes Of Piles And Anal Fissure 

Most Common Causes Of Piles And Anal Fissure 
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Both of these issues start with a defect in the human anatomy of the rectum and colon. The anal canal gets too tight for hard stools to come out of the body. These stools get stuck somewhere in the colon or rectum. In the end, this makes you strain and becomes one of the most common causes of Piles and anal fissure. Let’s understand this in detail. 

Causes of Piles 

Piles occur when someone strains during the bowel movement. Thus, people with chronic constipation often suffer piles. 

It is also very common during or after pregnancy due to the pressure on the abdominal muscles. 

There are mainly four grades of Piles. Usually, treating constipation can treat someone’s Grade I Piles. However, home remedies can cure the discomfort the pain of Piles 

Causes of Anal Fissure 

One of the main causes of this Anal Fissure is blood coming from the anus. This bleeding from the anus can occur if someone has constipation and passes a rather big or hard stool & experiences pain during and after the bowel movement. They can also be caused by inflammatory bowel disease or inflammation. 

An anal fissure is a tear around the anus. They can open when you have a painful bowel movement and may continue to hurt and bleed afterward. You can prevent the fissures from reopening by trying to avoid constipation. This will, therefore, make your stool a bit easy to pass. 

If the condition gets severe, the person might have to go for surgery as the treatment of anal fissure

Some Common Causes of Piles and Anal Fissure 

Chronic Constipation

It can cause Piles and anal fissure 

If chronic constipation is left untreated, it can cause Piles and anal fissures. If you experience signs or symptoms of constipation on an ongoing basis, consult a doctor regarding the same. They can help you identify potential causes of constipation and help you treat it. They can also guide you to prevent and treat potential complications. 

Pregnancy is also a very common cause of Piles and Anal fissure :

Pregnant women usually face constipation problems due to hormonal changes in them. Another reason for constipation in pregnant women can be reduced physical activity and dietary changes during that period. As the baby grows and the uterus stretches, it can also press on the intestines and can cause digestive delays or obstructions.

Do not take medicines on your own to treat constipation. Consult your gynecologist about which ones are suitable for you during pregnancy. 

Moreover, make sure that you’re eating a balanced and healthy diet. 

Obesity :

Today’s lifestyle has made people inactive and lazy. Everything is just a click away. Obesity is the result of this lethargic lifestyle. Especially, people who eat more junk, spicy, and excess cholesterol food are more susceptible to obesity. Their diet does not include fiber, enough water, and fluid that is required by the body. This further leads to constipation and accumulation of fat. Therefore, there comes some straining during the bowel movement. Obese people can exercise and eat a balanced diet to maintain a healthy weight. Many a time, people with a family history of blood pressure, heart problems, piles, fissures, and other hereditary problems, are unable to reduce weight. They choose bariatric surgery for weight loss

So, always consult a doctor to stay away from these digestive and anorectal disorders. 


Piles are most common among adults aged 45 to 65 years. This does not mean, however, that young people and children do not get them. It’s just because when we grow old, our immune system becomes a bit more prone to have diseases like this. Hence, older people should be cautious and must act as early as possible once the symptoms are visible. 


Piles can occur after cases of chronic diarrhea. It can from worse to severe if not checked properly and regularly as in after the symptoms and problems, it should get rectified ASAP. Chronic diarrhea tends to be there for a longer time of duration which may result in a severe case of Piles. Thus, it should be dealt with by the doctor priorly. 

Sitting for too long:

Staying in a seated position for long periods can cause Piles, especially on the toilet. We should resist ourselves from doing so coz this is an unhealthy practice in the longer run. And it’s harmful effects can be visible in the form of a painful anal fissure. 

Heavy lifting:

Repeatedly lifting heavy objects can lead to Piles. It uses our muscular strength as well as our abdominal strength hence too much pressure can lead to acute to severe piles. 

Anal intercourse:

This can cause new Piles or worsen existing ones. Having anal pleasure is fine but there has to be some sort of prior research about the complications that can occur if this intercourse goes wrong, hence medical scrutiny is a must in this case. 


Some people inherit a tendency to develop Piles. And it’s all normal as we all have hereditary elements in us in some or another way. But what’s more important is to see at a very young age whether we’re with our body or not, through regular health checkups.

Straining during bowel movements :

If you’re feeling any sort of pain or some strain while defecating, the severe case of which might lead to these two above-mentioned problems. Hence even a small amount of pain should not be left unseen and unchecked, instead must be consulted with a Doctor, and then only we can prevent ourselves from these types of problems. 

Eating a low-fiber diet :

A low fiber diet can irritate the stomach which can lead to disturbed bowel movements and even constipation which furthermore leads to straining in the toilet causing anal fissures. That is why it is highly suggested to add around 20 to 35 grams of fiber to the daily diet with plenty of water. 

An Anal Fissure (or in some cases Piles) can cause due to some other rare reasons as well, like: 

  1. Anal cancer 
  2. HIV 
  3. Tuberculosis 
  4. Syphilis 
  5. Herpes 

This can be concluded that Anal Fissures & Piles are treatable and normal. Only some changes in the normal lifestyle and there you get wonderful changes in the body.

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