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With the pandemic surging, online teleconsultation has become the need of the hour. In line with the same, we at Yashoda Healthcare, provide you with the facility of online gynaecology health consultation. Patients and doctors can virtually connect with each other in this consultation, using tools like video calls and teleconsultations. Any patient can connect with our gynaecologist for any of her concerns in just a few minutes.

Problems Included In Gynaecology

Any of the following problems before becoming more serious should be discussed with a qualified & experienced gynaecologist as offered by Yashoda Hospital & Research Centre, Nehru Nagar, Ghaziabad:

  • Issues relating to periods and menopause
  • Pregnancy-related problems
  • Vaginal dryness or itching
  • Abnormal vaginal discharge
  • Pain during sex
  • Painful urination
  • Queries regarding contraception, birth control and sterilization
  • Medical termination of pregnancy (abortion)
  • STIs and STDs
  • PCOS and PCOD
  • Stress urinary incontinence
  • Faecal incontinence
  • Endometrial hyperplasia and cervical dysplasia
  • Congenital abnormalities of the female reproductive tract
  • Emergency care related to gynaecology
  • Endometriosis
  • PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease)
  • Health issues related to sexual relationships
  • Sexual dysfunction

Any woman who has had a previously diagnosed gynaecology condition such as endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, STIs or STDs should not ignore any new symptoms and consult our gynecologist online right away.

Why Online Consultation Is Better Than Self-Diagnosis

In a number of instances, it has been seen that many women simply check their symptoms and browse for home remedies or treatments and rely on self-diagnosis, either by Google or word of mouth. This is not an appropriate method to treat your issue; it can turn against you very severely, especially in case of a serious medical condition or in case of a symptom which is a signal of a more serious medical condition.

Advice from an experienced gynaecologist with a proper diagnosis in no way can be substituted for home treatments. Even if you want to try natural remedies, it is very important to first go for a check-up with a gynaecologist. Yashoda Healthcare’s online gynaecology consultation and assessment are supported by qualified and experienced gynaecologists on video/audio calls who then prescribe medicines or further treatments, as may be needed.

Benefits Of Online Gynaecology Consultation

The first step for any medical problem is always to consult a doctor. Online gynaecology consultation services help females discuss and consult a doctor from the comfort of home, without any hustle or extra costs.

Following are some key benefits of consulting a doctor online:

  • 24×7 Consultation- At Yashoda Hospital & Research Centre, a leading online consultation provider, gynaecologists are available for online consultation 24×7. You can connect with our gynaecologists at any moment you start feeling unwell.
  • No Queue for Appointments– Simply visit our website (, fill in your details at our book an appointment portal, select a gynaecologist and get connected.
  • Secured Privacy– If there are sensitive and personal medical conditions or topics you need to discuss with a gynaecologist or seek medical attention for them, online consultation is the perfect solution as here a patient’s privacy is valued and secured.
  • Anywhere Access– You can consult a doctor online from literally anywhere across the globe.
  • Secured E-Medical Records – All medical documents and key records are secured.
  • Easy Follow-Ups- With online consultation, a follow-up or a second medical opinion is very easy. With all your previous medical records and diagnoses secured in one place, online consultation is the way to go.

How To Connect With Yashoda Hospital’s Gynaecologist For Consultation?

  1. Visit our website- To chat or consult with our specialized gynaecologist, visit our official website at
  2. Book an appointment- Select the “gynaecology” category to consult your gynaecologist.
  3. Find a Doctor – You yourself can use this option to find an experienced and appropriate doctor for your particular problem.
  4. Ask for Quick Enquiry – In case you have any queries, you can call us or write to us using this option.
  5. Connect with the gynaecologist of your choice- You can choose a gynaecologist of your choice who will diagnose and provide a prescription and suggested treatment (if any) for your condition.

Some FAQs Regarding Online Consultation:

1. What is online specialist consultation?

Our online specialist consultation service is a state-of-the-art video-conferencing facility with our primary care physicians. There is no need to leave your home or endure long waiting times at the doctor’s clinic. You need to just use your internet connection to connect to our website

2. Is online special consultation easy to use?

Our online specialist consultation feature is designed to be as easy to use as any other familiar modern application on your computer or mobile.

3. Do i need special equipment for me to use this service?

For the online specialist consultation service, you will normally need a laptop or desktop computer with a camera and microphone. You can also either use the browser or download the Doc App application for PC or for any Android phone.

4. How can the doctor diagnose me without actually doing a physical exam?

Knowing your medical history is considered “90% of the evaluation” when combined with the doctor-patient interaction. How you’re feeling can be just as important to your doctor as the results of a physical exam. Plus, being able to see you gives your doctor the additional visual information needed to make a diagnosis.

5. What conditions can I get treated for or have consultations for?

Online specialist consultation is just like going to meet your doctor to have a consultation. However, its limitations are the use of diagnostic equipment, and the ability to conduct a physical examination. Nevertheless, it is an effective remote primary care service wherein you can be advised if you need to have a laboratory test done or if urgent hospital care is necessary. Furthermore, the doctor can prescribe appropriate medicines for minor ailments.

6. Can i get prescriptions via online consultation?

Yes. Our doctors can provide you with the prescription electronically via email/WhatsApp. It is essential that the details you give are current and updated.

7. Is it private and secure?

Yes. We strictly adhere to all national laws set in place for the provision of the safety and security of our patients and clients.

8. How long does a usual online consultation last?

It depends on the type of problem/issue. We try to be as comprehensive in our evaluation as possible and address as many healthcare concerns as possible.

In case of any need for consultation, you can refer to Dr. Shashi Arora via or click on

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