Laser Carbon Peel

Laser Carbon Peel
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What is a Carbon Laser Peel?

Laser carbon peel is an innovative laser treatment that is a non-invasive, painless, and quick procedure that helps rejuvenate the appearance of damaged skin. It is advantageous for people with oily skin, acne on the face and body, blackheads, enlarged or clogged pores, and dull and sun-damaged skin. It exfoliates and refreshes the skin giving an instant radiant and vibrant look. The treatment involves the application of a thin layer of liquid carbon which when removed, leaves an amazing glow and youthful complexion with an even skin tone.

What are the benefits of a laser carbon peel?

Carbon laser peel offers numerous benefits to individuals with damaged skin, skin problems, and aging skin. It not only exfoliates the skin deeply but also boosts collagen production.

Laser carbon peels are used to treat skin problems and benefit the skin by:

  • Reducing the signs of premature aging or photoaging
  • Generating even skin tone
  • Reducing pigmentation and scarring caused by acne
  • Reducing large and clogged pores
  • Erasing fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reducing oily skin
  • Exfoliating dry skin
  • Improving skin integrity and radiance
  • Making skin look firmer by boosting collagen production

Laser carbon peels is different from chemical peels which are also used to treat the skin conditions mentioned above. Chemical peels use chemicals on the skin whereas laser carbon peels use heat to treat the skin. There are lesser side effects of laser carbon peels than chemical peels which can lead to skin irritation and redness.

What’s the procedure for a laser carbon peel?

Laser carbon peels or facials are usually carried out in a doctor’s office or at a facility. Before scheduling the treatment, it is crucial to discuss everything related to the treatment with your doctor and also to ensure that a skilled and trained professional is performing the procedure for effectiveness and safety.

If you are using any retinol products, the doctor may advise you to refrain from using them a week prior to the treatment appointment and start using sunscreen or sunblock regularly. The laser carbon peel is also known as lunchtime peel and the entire treatment takes approximately 30 minutes. You’ll see an instant brightening of your skin, which will also feel smoother and softer than ever before.

Laser carbon peel involves the following steps:

  • Carbon lotion
    The procedure begins with the exfoliation treatment where a dark-colored liquid carbon is applied to the skin. For about 10 minutes, you will have to sit with it on your face and let it dry. In the meantime, the carbon liquid absorbs dirt, oil, dead skin cells, and other contaminants on your skin.
  • Warming laser
    Once the carbon liquid gets dried, the doctor will pass a laser over your face in a low-energy mode to warm up the skin. This will heat the carbon in the liquid which will absorb impurities on your skin.‌ Before administering the laser, you will be provided an eye shield to protect your eyes. Depending on the skin type, your doctor may start with one type of laser by skipping the heating step.
  • Pulsed laser
    This is the final step that uses a higher-energy mode laser to break down or split the carbon liquid into tiny particles destroying oil, dead skin cell, bacteria, or other impurities on your skin. These impurities are removed from the skin through a smoke evaporator attached to the laser. The heat from the process boosts or stimulates collagen and elastin production to make the skin look firmer with tightened pores.

After the treatment, you may apply moisturizer and sunscreen to your skin and can leave the doctor’s office or facility with brighter and glowing skin.

If you have sensitive skin, you may experience a slight pinking or reddening of the skin. This usually lasts for one hour or less.

What is the aftercare like for a laser carbon peel?

The following tips can help you maintain the skin after laser carbon peel:

  • Moisturising the skin regularly is crucial for maintaining healthy skin. You might also experience skin dryness after the treatment for some time. Therefore, you need to take care of your treated skin by using moisturisers daily and gently.
  • Applying sunscreen with no less than SPF 30+ regularly is pivotal in maintaining the effectiveness of the treatment.
  • You should avoid using skin care products containing retinol for at least five days after treatment.
  • You should strictly refrain from scrubbing or exfoliating the treated skin for at least seven days post-treatment.
  • In case of oily skin that is prone to acne, you should use acne control products to maintain the results.
  • In the case of photoaging, you should use products containing collagen or follow a collagen-boosting diet

How effective is a laser carbon peel?

Laser carbon peels or laser carbon facials are very effective in treating enlarged pores and oily skin.

In the case of severe acne or acne scarring and photoaging, which takes longer to be healed, it might require several treatments for the best results.
However, the results of the treatment do not last forever. After receiving a single treatment, you will observe that your skin appears healthier and brighter. But for optimal results, doctors usually recommend four to six rounds of treatment.

What are the side effects of a laser carbon peel?

Laser carbon peel is a non-invasive and painless treatment that requires no recovery time. However, some people may experience a mild stinging or tingling sensation during the treatment which goes away once the treatment is over.

The most common side effect of a laser carbon peel is a slight redness of the skin which generally goes away shortly. In case of skin reddening, the doctor will recommend mild products and sunscreens to be used after the treatment.‌

It is of utmost importance to receive treatment from an experienced and licensed professional to ensure safety and the best results. We have highly experienced specialists who can ensure safety as well as optimal results. Book your appointment right away.

Meet the specialists at Yashoda Hospital & Research Centre, Nehru Nagar, Ghaziabad

Dr. Anup Kumar Tiwary (Consultant Dermatologist & Cosmetologist, Dermatology & Cosmetology)

Dr. Anup Kumar Tiwary is a highly proficient and skilled consultant in the field of Dermatology and Cosmetology at Yashoda Hospital & Research Centre, Ghaziabad. He has been awarded the prestigious national observership and fellowship in Dermatology, Hair Transplant, and Laser MIADVL. Dr. Tiwary is highly skilled in cosmetic procedures such as PRP therapy, fillers, botulinum toxins, and lasers for various skin and hair problems. Moreover, he has vigorously presented numerous oral and poster presentations at various state, national and international platforms.

Dr. Guncha Arora Mohan (Consultant, Skin & VD, Dermatology)

Dr. Guncha Arora Mohan is a dynamic and passionate dermatologist and venereologist who has worked for more than 5 years at Yashoda Hospital & Research Centre, Nehru Nagar, Ghaziabad. Her expertise lies in clinical dermatology, acne, and acne scar surgeries, and all skin, hair & nail disorders. She is adept in dermatologic surgeries, cosmetology procedures including peeling, lasers, electrocautery and RF, resurfacing procedures, anti-aging procedures, paediatric dermatology, and venereology.

Dr. Rajeev Jain (Consultant, Skin & VD, Dermatology)

Dr. Rajeev Jain is a highly experienced venereologist and dermatologist who has dedicated 18 years to treating various skin conditions and diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis. He is presently working as a senior consultant in the dermatology department at Yashoda Hospital, Ghaziabad. Dr. Jain has had comprehensive training in performing various types of skin surgeries including cosmetic procedures and is meticulous in procedural work. He demonstrates extensive knowledge of cutting-edge practices in skincare and participates vigorously in various research pursuits.

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