Ideal Treatment For Diabetes

Ideal Treatment For Diabetes
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Diabetes, also known as diabetes mellitus, is a metabolic disorder that causes high blood sugar level over a prolonged period of time. Insulin in the body is involved in moving the sugar from the blood to the cells to be stored for further use or providing energy. But with diabetes, the body is not able to produce insulin efficiently and hence, cannot use it effectively.

This untreated high blood sugar may cause damage to the eyes, kidney, nerves and other organs. Though diabetes is a common disorder, its treatment and care are different for every person. Apart from following healthy lifestyle choices, people suffering from diabetes are also encouraged to keep themselves updated about the latest therapies, medications and approaches for effective diabetic treatment. Hence, it is highly advisable to follow the instructions and medications prescribed by your doctors.

Following is a list of some ways to keep your diabetic problems away:

Try to gather as much information about diabetes as you can

There are two different types of diabetes which you should be aware of:

 Type-1 Diabetes: It is also called juvenile diabetes. It is an autoimmune condition in which the immune system destroys the cells in the pancreas where insulin is made. People who are suffering from type-1 diabetes are required to take insulin every day.

Type-2 Diabetes: It is the most common type of diabetes among the two types and is also known as adult-onset diabetes. It occurs when the sugar builds up in the blood and the body becomes resistant to insulin. Type-2 diabetes can be regulated by following proper diet and physical activities. Accordingly, patients are required to take diabetic medicines or insulin for diabetes.

Take proper & regular diabetic care

If you are suffering from any of the 2 types of diabetes, it becomes essential for you to consult your doctor on a regular basis for routine health checkup. These regular checkups will tell you whether or not the treatment plan you are following is effective. If the treatment plan is not working, you must consult your doctor immediately.

Learn various techniques that will help you to control diabetes

You must ask your doctor about the type and the portion size of the foods that you should take and the foods you need to avoid completely. Your physician will also suggest to you various physical activities which you must carry out on a daily basis. In this way, you will be able to control your diabetes much faster by following the suggestions along with the prescribed medications.

Take care of the ABC of your diabetes

Diabetes is a disease which you cannot treat on your own. You need to follow proper instructions as suggested by your health professional to monitor the disease. Hence, it is always recommended to take care of the ABC of diabetes that is:
A – A1C (average blood glucose)
B—Blood Pressure

The goal to maintain your diabetes can be easily achieved by following a proper diet plan that has been prepared for you, being physically active and monitoring your blood sugar level on a regular basis.

Proper monitoring of diabetes

Uncontrolled diabetes can lead to various diseases such as blindness, kidney disorders, heart attack or even stroke. So, it is always recommended to check the ABC of your diabetes, that is A1C, Blood Pressure and Cholesterol to reduce the chances of developing any serious diseases or co-morbidities.

Prevent long-term diabetic troubles

People must learn to control the ABC of diabetes in order to prevent any long-term effects such as heart attack, kidney disorder, nerve damage, loss of foot/limbs, impotency, etc. By following some of these diabetic care routines you can control your diabetes, leading to a healthier life:

  • Follow the diet chart as prescribed by your doctor & have food in fixed portions/sizes.
  • Cut down the amount of salt & fat from your food & eat foods rich in fibre.
  • Never skip your medicines. Try to take medications timely & regularly.
  • Take care of your feet by washing & drying them regularly.
  • If you are facing any mouth-related problems, consult your dentist immediately.
  • Keep your blood sugar & blood pressure under control by monitoring them on a daily basis.

Try to consume a balanced & nutritious diet

Consuming a diet with the right proportion of carbohydrates, proteins, fats will help you to keep your blood sugar at the right level. For most of the diabetic patients, doctors generally recommend 3 small meals and 3-4 snacks everyday to maintain proper balance of insulin & sugar in the body. You can include such foods in your diet such as tomato, broccoli, carrot, cucumber, green salad, citrus fruits, nuts, beans, low-fat dairy products and non-vegetarian food items such as egg, fish or lean meat, etc.

Try to stay physically active & exercise regularly

Physical activities are important to treat diabetes as they improve the body’s use of insulin and lower the blood sugar levels as well. They also lower the chances of having a heart attack or stroke by improving blood circulation.

Try to make changes in lifestyle to control diabetes

A person suffering from diabetes can make certain changes in his/her lifestyle such as:

  • Try to be stress-free in every situation as stress can elevate your blood sugar level.
  • Quit smoking as it can increase the chances of getting serious health problems causing further complications.
  • Diabetic people should avoid consuming alcohol as drinking alcohol may bring the blood sugar to a dangerous level.


Diabetic patients can follow the above steps to control their diabetic problems and live a healthy life. Keep a detailed daily log book which will track/record your daily glucose levels so that you can know what affects your glucose. If you face any issues related to diabetes, consult the best doctors & internal medicine experts only at Yashoda Hospital & Research Centre, Nehru Nagar, Ghaziabad.

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