Hearing Loss in Children and Adults: Types, Causes and Prevention

Hearing Loss in Children and Adults: Types, Causes and Prevention
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Hearing loss is one of the major complaints for review when patients visit an ENT doctor. It is estimated that 6.3% of the people in the country suffer from some kind of hearing impairment. With rise in noise pollution, hearing loss is also on the rise.

Types of Hearing Loss:

There are 3 types of hearing loss, namely:

Conductive Hearing Loss: It can be caused by the impairment of the outer and middle ear; for instance, wax in ear canal, perforation of eardrum, erosion of ear ossicles, etc.

Sensorineural Hearing Loss: It is caused by the impairment of the inner ear which houses the cochlea and nerves; for instance, age-related hearing loss, noise-induced hearing loss, etc.

Mixed Hearing Loss: It comprises both conductive hearing loss and sensorineural hearing loss.

Additionally, hearing loss can also be sudden onset in nature or progressive over some time; it can be one-sided or two-sided.

At times, hearing losses can be congenital also (by birth).

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Causes of Hearing Loss:

There can be many causes of hearing loss such as:

  • The most common cause of hearing loss is wax in the ear canal
  • Ear Infection and rupture of the eardrum can also lead to hearing loss
  • Any injury induced damage to the inner ear can make one hard of hearing
  • Certain medicines which can cause damage to the inner ear include antibiotics, gentamicin, certain painkillers and antimalarials like chloroquine, etc.
  • Certain illnesses such as meningitis and mumps are also known to cause hearing loss

When Should I Seek Medical Advice for Hearing Loss:

If you experience a sudden hearing loss that develops all of a sudden and does not resolve within three days, you must see an ENT specialist right away.

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Prevention of Hearing Loss:

Follow the steps as mentioned below to prevent hearing loss:

  • Get your ear checked periodically, for hearing loss, especially when working in a noisy environment
  • Protect your ears from loud noise
  • Use earplugs or earmuffs in noisy work environments
  • Avoid smoking

Program for Screening of Newborns for Hearing Loss:

All newborn children born in hospitals should be screened for hearing loss before discharge as per top ENT Specialists.

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Why Newborn Hearing Screening?

Hearing is an important prerequisite of speech and language development. Any loss of hearing can adversely affect a child’s education, his / her socio-emotional skills and communication.

Early detection of hearing loss, on the other hand, will give early and lead to better chances of speech and language rehabilitation.

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