Ear Surgeries : Addressing Hearing and Ear Health Concerns

Ear Surgeries : Addressing Hearing and Ear Health Concerns
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Sometimes, problems of the ears can become so terrible and go out of hand that they may have to be operated. So, what are the different types of surgeries that can be performed for the ear?

Surgeries of the Ear:

Common surgeries performed to address a variety of ear problems may include:

Myringotomy and ventilation tube insertion: This procedure helps in treating hearing loss and ear fullness caused by fluid buildup in the middle ear. In this, a small incision is made in the eardrum followed by a tube being placed in order to drain the fluid and allow air to enter, preventing future buildup.

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Tympanoplasty: This surgery aims to clear ear infections and close the holes in the eardrum, allowing it to function properly and improve hearing. In this, a tissue is taken from behind the ear to patch the hole. A minimally invasive procedure, a tympanoplasty procedure takes around 3-4 weeks in recovery.

Ossiculoplasty: This surgery repairs or reconstructs the tiny bones responsible for sound transmission in the middle ear. These bones can get damaged on account of various ear diseases, leading to severe hearing loss. The procedure is delicate and requires a skilled surgeon for optimal results.

Mastoidectomy: When ear infections spread into the air-filled bone behind the eardrum, a mastoidectomy may be necessary. This surgery involves drilling into the bone to remove the infection. It can be performed alone or combined with other ear surgeries, depending on the extent of the problem.

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Stapedotomy: This procedure addresses a specific condition called otosclerosis, in which the stapes bone becomes fixed, leading to progressive hearing loss. The stapedotomy surgery involves bypassing the stapes with a prosthetic implant, restoring normal hearing function. Due to its precision, stapedotmy requires an experienced ENT surgeon.

Facial nerve decompression: This surgery relieves pressure on the facial nerve, which controls facial expressions. Certain conditions like fractures or inflammation in the ear bone can cause facial paralysis. The surgery involves removing bone around the nerve to alleviate pressure and restore function.

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About Dr. (Lt. Col.) Ravi Roy:

Dr. (Lt. Col.) Ravi Roy is a highly esteemed ENT specialist with over two decades of clinical experience, specializing in otolaryngology for 13 years. Recognized for his expertise in CSF rhinorrhea and endoscopic surgeries, Dr. Roy has received prestigious awards and is renowned for his extensive publications and role as a distinguished faculty member at medical workshops and conferences across the country.

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