Debunking The Myths Related To Piles

Debunking The Myths Related To Piles
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Can you tell how old human civilization is? People often have an idea and many will search or Google. However, nobody pays much attention because, since the time humans became civilized, people have also been exchanging perspectives and ideas. Therefore, many things have been discussed since then.

The more things are discussed the more myths are created around them. Education is the light in the dark path of myth and so is the common myth around a common problem called “Piles”. It is well explained here so that it can be understood how easily this problem can be treated and controlled.

Myth Number 1: Everyone has got piles.

It’s a myth and the true thing lies in the structure of our bodies and systems. The fact is that we humans have veins in the rectum and when those veins are swollen it results in the problem called “Piles”.

This is not something that everyone tends to face it once in their lifetime. So, visiting a doctor is always a good solution.

Myth Number 2: Sitting on either too hot or too cold surfaces can lead to Piles.

The real reason for “Piles” is the inactivity of the human body. Sitting for a long duration of
time gives a rise in the risk factor of Piles. This clearly shows how important it is to involve oneself in regular exercises and movement of the body.

If a person exercises regularly and follows a daily routine of exercises then the issue of piles can never actually come into the picture.

Myth Number 3: Piles are a problem that only affects aged or elderly people.

The real scenario is that age is not even a factor to be considered. Anyone can suffer through Piles regardless of their age but this also cannot be avoided. Piles are a common issue among elderly people because their muscles and tissues tend to get weak as they grow age.

With this, Piles can also affect anyone with chronic constipation or can happen to people who strain their bowel movements.

Myth Number 4: Piles are one of the reasons behind cancer.

The scientific thing behind this is that there’s no such evidence of Piles causing cancer in anyone.

One thing that has to be cared for, however, is that if there is bleeding in the rectal area, then a visit to the doctor is necessary. This is because not only piles, but colon cancer have the many of the same symptoms.

Myth Number 5: One should avoid exercising if they are suffering from piles.

This should never be believed as exercise is a tonic to have a healthy lifestyle, to keep the human body in the best working version. But often we hear this myth which is not true. The real fact is that walking, yoga, swimming, and meditation are some of the regular exercises that help to cure piles.

Only activities that put excessive pressure on the rectal veins should be avoided as a precaution.

Myth Number 6:

Recurrent Issue: Once a person gets it, there’s no exit, no healing. First, this thing should be understood that no problem in the world has no solution to it. If you have piles, consult a doctor and he/she will give you the best treatment for you.

There can be many treatments that can be provided to patients. Some are:

1. Laser Surgery With no pains and cuts, this is a really easy procedure to get rid of piles. It is an effective treatment which is a minimally invasive procedure. And the success rate of surgery is also higher.

2. Changes in Lifestyle Lifestyle changes are no less than a magic spell for the treatment of piles. It does wonders, exercising daily and taking the right diet and little changes, making huge differences in the lives of people suffering from Piles.

Myth Number 7: Excessive Cycling increases the chances of Piles.

Cycling is such an effective exercise that relaxes the pelvic floor muscles, so it should rather be included in daily exercises. People think that sitting on a hard surface like the seat of a bicycle can lead to Piles. It is a myth and ignores the true benefits of cycling in the problem.

Myth Number 8: If there are piles, there is bleeding.

It is not at all necessary that Piles indicate symptoms like bleeding. We need to understand the kinds of Piles for the same. The following are the two types:

1. Internal Piles It’s that kind where it cannot even be felt in its very initial stage. Also, there is no protrusion either. Only if there’s a discharge of mucus and itching in the anal region, then this can be

2. External Piles This is quite easy to diagnose as in this situation there would be swelling around the anus.

Myth Number 9: Piles are confined to men.

No problem comes with a gender bias mindset. The same does for Piles, it can be suffered by both men and women due to the sedentary lifestyle. Regardless of age, any man or woman can suffer from piles.

Prolonged sitting hours, no exercises, chronic constipation, and diarrhea are some factors of this issue.

Myth Number 10: With loads of fibre in the body, piles goes away.

Some people do believe statements like these, but that’s not enough. It is true that including a reasonable amount of fibre in the diet can help the digestive system work more effectively, but it also makes the person healthy too.

Furthermore, toilet etiquette also plays a major role in the development of piles.

Myth Number 11: Unhealthy people tend to suffer from piles.

Piles are a common problem for a large population. Healthy or unhealthy beings are not considered healthy. However, if the issue is to be avoided, then regular exercise and a healthy diet can help to get rid of the issue.

Myth Number 12: More spice in food means higher chances of piles.

There is no particular research or scientific evidence around exotic, spicy, and hot food causing piles. It is true that too much spice can cause irritation or discomfort in the stomach, which can then cause difficulty passing the stool.

Myth Number 13: With pregnancy comes piles.

The original fact is that this itself is not a myth but a true situation. It has been estimated that one-third of women in the world suffer from fibroid disorders during pregnancy.

And there’s a simple and clear reason behind it: pregnancy causes more pressure on the pelvic blood vessels as there is expansion of the womb. And this expansion can lead Piles to swell and prolapse.

But then again, there are treatments and medications that can always be opted for.

Myth Number 14: A sedentary lifestyle brings in Piles.

We can notice that in this era Sedentary Lifestyle is being followed by everyone. Sitting and working for long hours invites piles.

Screen Time is so much increased that people require a break in the middle, so opt for walking or moving around in those little breaks. Make time for a good walk after lunch in the office.

Make your body move as much as possible. So more movements lessen the chances of piles as more movements equate with better & more bowel movements leading to lesser constipation.

Myth Number 15: A healthy diet means improvement in the symptoms of piles.

Well, that is true, and not a myth because the formation of piles occurs for two reasons:

1. Straining in the toilet
2. Constipation

To avoid these two reasons, a healthy diet plays a role, and avoiding the above-mentioned symptoms means decreasing the chances of piles. A diet should contain plenty of water, fibre, fresh fruits, and vegetables.

Maintaining a healthy diet and drinking the right amount of fluids is critical, but controlling stress levels and staying active are necessary to promote proper bowel movements.

Myth Number 16: Piles are not caused by diet. Eating anything and everything is the safest solution.

It’s been wisely said that constipation is one of the major reasons for developing piles. However, it’s worth mentioning that plenty of water and a fibrous diet help prevent stains as well as soft bowel movements.

Myth Number 17: Surgery is the only treatment for piles.

Surgery is the last option to treat piles. One needs to understand the reason for piles. It causes an unhealthy lifestyle, so making changes to the lifestyle can help treat it without surgery.

Research shows that only 10% of patients need surgery. The rest simply need to make some changes in diet and lifestyle. Thus, one can conclude that health is wealth and that a healthy person lives a free and pain-free life.

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