Cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery
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It is always a tough decision for many to decide whether Cosmetic surgery will be a good choice for them. This is mainly due to the prevalent myths which still haunt people. The media only highlights news about celebrities who undergo cosmetic surgery and thus people have this thing in their mind that this surgery is only for high-profile people who can afford cosmetic surgery.

But, is Cosmetic surgery really costly? Is it safe to have this surgery done? Are there any adverse impacts? Doctors at Yashoda Hospital & Research Centre, Nehru Nagar, Ghaziabad, are always of the view that the right information may really play an important role in any patient’s life. They are always ready to provide the essential information you may require about various health concerns. This article will help you in knowing the facts and the prevalent myths about Cosmetic surgery.

Myth 01: Cosmetic Surgery is only for women.

Fact: It is true that the majority of cosmetic surgeries have been opted for by women. But, men have also now started choosing these methods. The top five cosmetic surgeries that are opted for by men include liposuction, eyelid surgery, nose jobs, also known as rhinoplasty, breast reductions, and tummy tuck.

Myth 02: Plastic surgery is the same as Cosmetic surgery.

Fact: Cosmetic surgery is a type in the field of plastic surgery but both are different things. Plastic surgery also includes reconstructive surgery. You may look better by opting for cosmetic surgery while reconstructive surgery is helpful in repairing defects that are by birth or any damage caused due to trauma or disease. For example, plastic surgery is done when you need to reconstruct a breast after breast cancer surgery while cosmetic surgery is done when you need to make your breasts bigger.

Myth 03: Risk of Breast Cancer increases with breast implants.

Fact: The Institute of Medicine denies that there is any evidence that may prove that breast cancer or any other disease is caused due to breast implants, including silicone breast implants. But, on the safer side, you must consult and have your routine screenings and checkups for breast cancer. Breast implants are considered to be safe but they have some risks. You must keep checking your breasts after getting implants and must consult the doctor in case of any suspected problems.

Myth 4: Surgeons who perform cosmetic surgery should be specialists in cosmetic surgery.

Fact: There are various types of specialists who perform cosmetic surgery which include plastic surgeons, dermatologists, ophthalmologists, and ear, nose, and throat doctors, known as otolaryngologists. And doctors are not required to have any official certification in cosmetic surgery to perform it.

Doctors at Yashoda Hospital & Research Centre, Nehru Nagar, Ghaziabad, always advise you to consult doctors who are certified to perform cosmetic surgery. Consult doctors who are not only certified but also well-experienced in this field. Yashoda Hospital & Research Centre has a team of specialists who are well-experienced and certified to perform cosmetic surgery.

Myth 05: Liposuction helps in losing weight and cellulite.

Fact: Liposuction is neither a weight loss procedure nor helps in getting rid of cellulite. The surgeon may ask you to lose weight before having liposuction. Cellulite is caused by the fiber-like tissues present in the layer of skin above fat cells. The fat cells are removed by Liposuction which further makes the cellulite look worse. Liposuction generally works best if you are within 30% of the ideal weight and have good muscle tone.

Myth 06: Cosmetic Surgery is mainly opted for its anti-aging effects.

Fact: Many cosmetic procedures are done to counter the signs of aging, such as wrinkling and sagging. 60 percent of cosmetic procedures are done by people younger than 50 while only 10 percent are done by people older than 65. People between the ages of 30 to 50 generally undergo liposuction. For most people, cosmetic surgery is about looking better and they consider that to be the same as looking younger.

Myth 07: Most people who undergo cosmetic surgery have psychological issues.

Fact: There was a time when mental health professionals were of the view that people who thought of opting for cosmetic surgery had psychiatric issues. Now lots of studies show that people who opt for cosmetic surgery for valid reasons generally feel better and have a better quality of life.

Myth 08: Cosmetic surgery is not safe.

Fact: Like any other surgery, cosmetic surgery too has its own risks. The risks may include scarring, and patients who have a history of lung disease, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity are at a greater risk of having complications such as pneumonia, heart attack, stroke, or blood clots in the lungs or legs. If you have a habit of smoking, this too may enhance the risk and hinder the healing process.

Myth 09: Facial surgery, Botox and facelifts leave you expressionless.

Fact: This generally occurs when the procedures are not performed by a certified cosmetic surgeon. An experienced and certified surgeon will always do his or her best to target the right areas of the face. They will ensure that your facial muscles work together and you have a natural expression.

Myth 10: It is difficult to breastfeed with breast implants.

Fact: A woman who has undergone breast implants can breastfeed very well. Women, however, should opt for the implant either before or after having children and not while nursing.

Myth 11: Breast augmentation is performed only to have large breasts.

Fact: This is done on people who want to have a balanced appearance. It can also be done after pregnancy to reduce the size of breasts and may even be performed to rectify uneven breasts after reconstruction for other conditions.

Myth 12: Cosmetic surgery is only for rich people.

Fact: There are a host of treatments available nowadays for cosmetic surgery. You may talk to the medical and healthcare specialists about the financial concern.

Myth 13: Cosmetic Surgery does not leave scars.

Fact: Cosmetic surgery may leave scars just like any other surgery. You must consult only a trained and experienced cosmetic surgeon who knows how to minimise these scars. They may be placed in areas where they are not visible and thus help in maintaining a pleasant appearance.

Myth 14: Results of cosmetic surgery last forever.

Fact – No surgeon can prevent or control the natural changes that happen to the body. When the effect of anti-wrinkle and injectables begin to wear off over a period of time, you may go for regular top-ups.

Cosmetic Surgery in India:

Cosmetic surgery in India is performed only by specialized centres and departments at well-known hospitals. These hospitals have a team of specialists who are highly trained and well-experienced in cosmetic surgery. These hospitals are well equipped with all the facilities and world-class infrastructure. One such hospital is Yashoda Hospital & Research Centre, Nehru Nagar, Ghaziabad, which has a team of specialists who are well-experienced and are always keen on serving and providing the best care and support to the patients.

The Centre for Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology at Yashoda Hospital has a team of plastic surgeons who are internationally known for their works in Plastic & Aesthetic (Cosmetic) Surgery and perform a vast range of treatments in all disciplines of Plastic Surgery. The Centre is equipped with all the modern and advanced healthcare services and is the number one choice in Delhi NCR.

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